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Thermostatic Control Valves

Fluid Power Energy provides the industry's shortest lead time for the highest-quality thermostatic control valves at the lowest cost.

Features & Benefits of our TCVs

Set at predetermined temperatures from 7 to 126 °C (45 to 250 °F), FPE thermostatic control valves require no adjustment. In addition, we can customize the temperature control valves to your application, lead-free and spec requirements with material, piping, sensors and oil filtration as well as mixing or diverting valves.

All of our valves share the following features:

Shortest Lead Time in the Industry

  • Wide temperature range
  • Heavy duty
  • Self-contained
  • Replaceable Element
  • Non-adjustable
  • Rugged construction
  • Tamper-proof
  • Orientation independent
  • Compact

How TCVs Work

Fluid Power Energy (FPE) thermostatic valves utilize the principle of expanding wax, which in the semi-liquid state undergoes large expansion rates within a relatively narrow temperature range. The self-contained element activates a stainless steel sleeve, which directs the flow. All FPE thermostatic valves are factory set at predetermined temperatures: no further adjustments are necessary.

When used in a diverting application, on start-up the total fluid flow is routed back to the main system. As the fluid temperature rises to the control range, some fluid is diverted to the cooling system. As the fluid temperature continues to increase, more flow is diverted. When the thermostat is in a fully stroked condition, all fluid flow is directed to the cooling system.

FPE thermostatic valves may also be used in a mixing application. Hot fluid enters the “B” port and colder fluid enters the “C” port. The flows mix and the thermostat adjusts flow through ports “B” and “C” to reach the desired temperature, exiting the “A” port.

Standard FPE thermostatic valve housings are made from aluminum and grey iron castings, however, ductile iron, bronze, steel and stainless steel housings are available.

Additional BSP, SAE and JIS threads available.