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Size: 2.50"
Diameter: DN65
2510 2.50" Flange 125 ANSI Class
2510M 2.50" Flange, lever manual override
2510MZ 2.50" Flange, nut manual override
2510U 2.50" Flange DN/PN
2510UM 2.50" Flange DN/PN, lever manual override
2510UMZ 2.50" Flange DN/PN, nut manual override
2510XM 2.50" Flange ANSI 300, lever manual override
2510XMZ 2.50" Flange ANSI 300, nut manual override
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Custom Features

Manual override, high over temperature element, plated element and more options available upon request.Additionally, FPE can customize your temperature control valve to spec and lead free compliance and/or addoil filtration, sensing and piping as well as mixing or diverting valves.