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Mining Industries

Temperature Control Valves

Fluid Power Energy (FPE) thermostatic valves use the principle of expanding wax, which in the semi-liquid state undergoes large expansion rates within a relatively narrow temperature range. The self-contained element activates a stainless steel sleeve, which directs the flow. All FPE thermostatic valves are factory set at predetermined temperatures: no further adjustments are necessary. A wide range of temperatures is available for water and oil temperature control applications.

Oil Centrifuge

Spin-Clean oil centrifuges are especially useful when used in oil recycling and reuse, with a fully integrated skid package that can process up to 23,000 gallons of oil per day, you can effectively clean used oil for reuse, reduce disposal costs and remove particulate often below that of new oil. Skids are developed as a combined effort with our parent company Fluid Power Energy which has over 35 years of industrial applications experience.

In the mining industry, common applications are engine oil and lube, hydraulic and gear oil and lube, oil recycling/reuse, and biodiesel/heating fuel.