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Marine Industries

Thermostatic Control Valves

Fluid Power Energy (FPE) thermostatic valves use the principle of expanding wax, which in the semi-liquid state undergoes large expansion rates within a relatively narrow temperature range. The self-contained element activates a stainless steel sleeve, which directs the flow.

All FPE temperature control valves are factory set at predetermined temperatures and delivered in the industry's shortest lead time.

No further adjustments are necessary. A wide range of temperatures is available for water, oil and fluid temperature control applications.

Oil Centrifuges

Spin-Clean oil centrifuges can greatly improve your bottom line by extending oil change intervals and protecting your engine by removing harmful particulate.  Spin-Clean is a true centrifuge that is easy to install and is built to withstand even the harshest conditions so you can be confident that you are protecting your engine by removal of solids below 1 micron. 

In the marine industry, common applications are engine oil and lube (main and auxiliary), hydraulic and gear oil and lube, and heating and fuel oil.