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CM Series Air Shutoff Valve

A range of easily installed diesel engine air intake valves that automatically close on engine overspeed, and also incorporate a manual shut down feature for additional safety.

Engine Power: 4 - 603 HP
Mass: 1.0 - 18.7 LB
Height: 2.36 - 6.2 in.

Specifications Overview

Specifications Overview

Part Number Lookup

FPE Numberrange in mmAMOT/Chalwyn Number
CM018-025 to 045D30-AM
CMF020- *035 to 044D35BF-AM
CM027-035 to 051D41-AM
CM045-045 to 070D45-AM/D51-AM**
CM078-051 to 077D57=AM/D64-AM**
CM090-070 to 089D70-AM
CM110-070 to 089D80-AM
CM140-089 to 102D92-AM
CM185-089 to 114D102-AM
CM235-102 to 140D121-AM
CM290-127 to 153D136-AM
CM450-152 to 229D200-AM

* This ASV includes a filter
** FPE part number listed are used to replace both Amot/Chalwyn part numbers shown