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FPE Delivers your Thermostatic Control Valves and Oil Centrifuges faster than anyone else in the industry.

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Fluid Power Energy product includes Thermostatic Control Valves, Service & Repair Kits, Custom Valves, Electric & Pneumatic Control Valve and Oil Cleaning Centrifuges.  Our Air Stop Valves will be coming soon.


Fluid Power Energy provides its products to a variety of different markets and industries. We have solutions for engines, compressors, turbines, boilers and many more. FPE’s manufacturing plant is ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

FPE can also provide: Certificate of origin | Certificate of Compliance | Certificate of Conformance | Material Certificates


Fluid Power Energy has solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our expertise allows us to provide customers with standard and custom TCV’s in order to meet the customers’ requirements.

Boiler Applications

Thermostatic Control Valves are the most effective solution for boiler protection. Used in a mixing application, FPE’s three-way temperature control valves,  provide temperature control for return...

Mining Applications

The Spin-Clean is especially useful when used in oil recycling and reuse, with a fully integrate skid package that can process up to 23,000 gallons of oil per day, you can effectively clean used oil for...

Marine Engine Applications

We provide a large range of thermostatic control valves and Spin-Clean oil centrifuges for Marine Engine applications.  All of our products have a durable design and are made to ensure optimal...